1) What does this (Un)Conference mean to you? 2) What is most significant to you about the day?

1) Actually, I had no attachment to the conference. I just noticed it was going on and came to see what it was about. I wish I knew more of the back ground information so I knew what was happening. I would have planned my day differently so I could hear what everyone had to say about the different social justices going on and how they affect each individual. This event seems pretty cool and eye-opening.
2) I believe that women getting together to speak truth to power is significant. Most females won’t speak for themselves. Seeing such strong figures today made me realize the fight and passion that lives in them; it makes me see the desire they have for change in their communities.

1) I found this conference to be extremely important because it discusses the problems with social justice, whether it be race or gender.  I didn’t really notice the way women were treated and the gender problems women face in different countries was as big of a issue as it is until attending the conference today. People need to realize that it is important for women to take up space. Women play a significant role in society everyday. The social justices women face today need to be resolved and differences need to be made. These powerful women opened my eyes today and changed my perspective on the situations at hand.
2) Today, I really got to see the fire behind each women. I got a chance to see what each of the represent. They have a voice and chops to use it to promote awareness to each of the social injustices that they are facing. All of the women that I saw speak today have educated me to be better and helped me understand that I can make a difference too.

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